About us

Hello! Welcome to our little home cloud. The 'us' behind the blog is Andrew and Hannah.

We started this blog as a way to communicate during our time away. We are currently living over in California for a period of about 3 years. We wanted a way to let family and friends know about what we were up to and for them to see photos of the incredible place we have moved to. We are really looking forward to exploring the country over these 3 years though.

The reason for the name of the blog is simple. We are both home people and we want to maintain a sense of home whilst living abroad in an unfamiliar country. But at the same time for those of you who know Andrew well enough you'll soon realise that actually he doesn't always live on this planet! He's a dreamer. A talented and yet infuriating one. So this blog is our home combining with our dreams and hopes with our daily life.

A & H

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