This month's Macintosh Monthly is actually quite a sad one, albeit a little odd. Saturday evening Andrew and I decided that Macintosh was rather stinky and needed a bath. There's nothing unusual about that, it happens every so often. The actual bathing process was the same as always. There was a fair bit of cajoling and holding onto him to ensure he endured the full bath experience. As usual when he got out of the bath he shook himself off and covered us in water before proceeding to rub himself all over the lounge and do a bit of preening himself. See the photos below. 

Intermittently he would have a good old shake to remove more of the water and this is where the sad bit occurred. We didn't notice anything unusual until the Sunday morning when we realised his tail was bent. It turns out he had got 'Beagle tail'. Apparently after a bath (or swim) beagles sometimes shake themselves so violently that they give their tails whiplash! This means they can hold only the first inch or so of their tail up and the rest droops down. It usually resolves itself within a few days, but until then their poor tails are rather painful, especially when shaken. 

Those of you who see Macintosh photos regularly will note that his tail is always so straight and pronounced, its really odd to see it all droopy. Naturally I took photos to show you all, that was the responsible thing to do! 

Poor old Macintosh, hopefully his next bath time will be less eventful!



  1. I didn't know beagle tail was an actual term, but it makes sense.

  2. Neither did I! But thanks to the wonders of the internet I do now.