Below are some of the pins that I have added to my various Pinterest boards. They all have captured my eye for a variety of different reasons. There's no theme between them this month. Just throwing it all out there. 

My flower obsession has not diminished in the slightest. My Pinterest is still filling up at a rapid rate with pins of a variety of bouquets and floral arrangements. I think I might need to take a floristry course at some point. I think it would be insanely fun. In fact, my day dreams about owning a bookstore now involve a florists in there too. I think books and flowers go very well together actually. 

With this bouquet its something about the pale colour tones. They are so gentle and delicate. The moody backdrop colour probably helps with their beauty as it provides a good contrast. Such a shame our climate kills bouquets before they have a chance to be enjoyed. 

This house is majestic. I never thought I'd like three story houses, until my parents bought one. Now I find myself secretly wanting one. Well alongside my country cottage! I like the formal-ness of this house though. Makes me feel like it should be painted in dramatic and possibly moody colours, from the Farrow and Ball collection obviously darling!

Bears had to feature somewhere obviously. I love this piece of artwork so much. I think that's really all I need to say about that. 

My love of cycling is slowly increasing, much to the amusement and happiness of my husband. However I'm finding that I am much better at watching the sport than actually participating in it. This is rather frustrating as I have a lot of perfectionist tendencies and I can't bear not to be good at something. Andrew sent me this pin as inspiration and also a reminder to just carry on. 

That photo is from the California coast line. Its up near Big Sur. As the weather has been warming up nicely I can hear the coast calling our name. Perhaps a trip up the iconic Pacific Highway is in order. Stay tuned, you never know!

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