Well Mr Macintosh certainly had a great Christmas. He had lots of walks (some even off lead I might add), lots of food, tons of snow, toys galore, friends to play with and people to pet him. He even had a cosy cabin to snuggle up in. He was certainly spoilt. 

Here's a photo round up of some of his Christmas events...

We went to visit a ghost town, from the old gold mining days. Whilst there we got to have a little ride on a mini train. Macintosh came with us, which he was equally excited and scared about. His ears were flicking around constantly with every clunk of the rails and his nose was going crazy trying to capture every smell around him.

As you can see there were more than a few naps! He loved staying in the cabin in Lake Tahoe because after playing in the snow he could just come inside to the warmth and chill out. So there we go, Macintosh's Christmas in a nutshell. 

(You'll see more of Lake Tahoe and what Macintosh (and us) did there later in the week as the posts get written!)


Last year Christmas day was rather quiet and strange as it was our first one in California away from all the family. This time round we were somewhat prepared for the silence and the less busy day and so we actually really enjoyed our day. 

We had all the usual Christmas traditions; stockings, present opening, a HUGE Christmas dinner, a walk after lunch, some games and of course the Queen's speech. We did manage to Skype a lot of family which was great fun too. Here are a few snaps from our Christmas day!

It definitely was a good Christmas day, especially as we ate SO much! I was practically in a coma by the end of the day. Why is Christmas food just so good?! Its not fair.


I am rather behind on our blog posts as its already January 6th and I've not even updated you on things we did over Christmas, or said goodbye to 2015. I apologise. For a start we took a trip over New Year which put us all out of sync but then we launched back into the regular rhythms of life and haven't had a chance to catch our breath. But I'm on it, I promise!

Starting with our round up post from 2015. It certainly was a busy year. I feel like we visited a lot of places, had some visitors and generally achieved a lot. It was also a pretty big year for a certain husband of mine too. 

So here's our top ten events of 2015:

1. Having Andrew's family come over to visit us. 
2. Travelling up to Seattle by train and seeing the beauty of the West coast.
3. Watching a couple of American Football games, particularly the Seattle Seahawks. 
4. Our friend Tim's visit and seeing Yosemite and other great places with him. 
5. A certain someone turning 30!
6. The amazing Alaskan cruise. 
7. Meeting Mr James Corden himself. 
8. Going home to see all the family, especially Mr Elisha after turning 1!
9. Seeing the band Muse perform, and watching Andrew's face as the drones flew round. 
10. The stay at the beautiful cabin in Lake Tahoe (more to come on that later). 

As you can see its been a pretty busy 2015 and unsurprisingly 2016 is shaping up to be just as crazy. We have a visit or two lined up with family members and then in the middle of the year we are going to be celebrating my brother getting married which means a trip back to England! Yay! There's also the scary event of me turning 30, but we won't mention that again. Ever. 

We are so grateful to God for all the things that happened in 2015, even some of the tougher things which have allowed us to grow, especially as a couple. We look forward to facing 2016. As ever, updates will be on the blog so you can feel somewhat involved. 

Happy new year everyone!
A&H xx