This post is so late in the day coming up that its pretty much Tuesday in the UK. Sorry about that. We just got back from a mini weekend break down to San Diego and as a result things are all a bit chaotic. Mac didn't come with us for this trip, instead he stayed with some friends and had a good time being played with and looked after. 

However I thought it was necessary to share three photos that I took of Mr Macintosh before we left. He was laying on the bed and I managed to snap a few classic Macintosh snaps. These photos, besides ones of him sleeping, capture some the classic Macintosh faces.

He is so funny! I love his bottom lip pout!


Macintosh has been mostly well behaved for the last two weeks. I've not had to photo document anything where he's been too badly behaved. Although he did attempt to climb into a friend's dishwasher last week but I was too occupied trying to get him out of it to bother taking a photo. If it had been our dishwasher I'm sure it would have been a different story! So instead of a story, here is a round up of his past two weeks. Photo style!

As you can see, being cute has been his theme. As always!


This lately post has no theme whatsoever. It's simply a collection of the things I have been pinning on Pinterest. It will probably show my sporadic and varied interests! Feel free to ignore my ramblings, or to laugh at my weirdness. I won't be offended by either!

I am still obsessing over the great outdoors and the idea of grand adventures. We still haven't managed to camp over here yet but I'm completely in awe of images that show insanely beautiful campsites. This one is incredible but I have to confess that I'm not sure I could sleep here for long. Prolonged rushing water noises....not good. 

Andrew and I recently acquired an ice cream maker for our Kitchen Aid. It is simply amazing. We have only made one lot of ice cream so far, it was cookies and cream. We went simple in case the ice cream went wrong. I didn't want to waste precious chocolate in case it was a mistake! But I am now constantly pinning ice cream recipes and dreaming of all the flavours I could make. I will come back from the USA a few stone heavier at this rate!

My flower obsession is still going strong. I pin far too many flowers on Pinterest but they are so beautiful. I don't buy cut flowers too much over here. They are extremely expensive compared to the UK (I think) and they don't last too well unless you have your air conditioning on all the time. So instead I buy fake ones when I really need a display of them and the rest of the time I just spend crazy amounts of time staring at them on Pinterest. I love the way these flowers are all curled inside themselves. I have no idea what they are called. Anyone know?

I've had my eye on this rug for a little while. It's from West Elm which is an amazing home shop. I could spend a small fortune in there, if we had one to spend! I love the subdued colours and the pattern. Its understated and yet draws the eye. Its also the perfect colours for our lounge, but with carpet already on the living room floor Andrew doesn't think we need a rug. Probably wasn't a fan of the price either!

Finally a polar bear for the win! Just. So. Stinking. Cute!


We still can't believe that we have been married for five years. Time really has flown by. So much has happened during that time that it makes your head spin just thinking about it. We decided to spend our day out exploring with Macintosh as thats what we love to do best. 

The town of Kernville, on the Kern river, was our destination and it was amazing. We spent barely any time hiking but rather just spent the whole time at the river playing about with Macintosh. See yesterday's post about it here. 

It was sort of amazing in itself to see so much water in a river. California is in a major drought and lots of the water sources are lower than they should be. This river is still lower than it should be but it was enough for us to cope. 

We went to the Kern River Brewing Company for lunch. It was amazing. Americans do burgers and chips better than anyone else. We loved these waffle chips too. Cue the bad picture of Andrew eating....

Amazingly we didn't take many other pictures of the day, except a few of Macintosh swimming. We were too busy enjoying ourselves on the river, and taking a camera onto it without waterproofing would have been disastrous. We did manage a group selfie shot and I took a sweet one of Andrew and Macintosh. 

I love the hair parting Andrew has going on! 

For the evening celebration we decided to head to a restaurant we'd never been too called Fresco II. The food was soooooooo good! We ate so much I actually felt sick the next day! Andrew obviously had the most meaty meal he could find and I had an amazing chicken feta dish. The restaurant is a Mediterranean based place so we felt rather at home as it was much more European that some of the other restaurants near us. They had a guy playing guitar there too which added some nice atmosphere. It was a great way to end our celebration.

And the only thing to do now is to show you our most ridiculous joint gift...

Yes that is a giant 7 foot replica Sopwith Camel propeller. It is made out of wood after all!


Our fifth wedding anniversary was this past Friday and we decided to take a day trip, with Macintosh, up to Kernville which is on the Kern River. We thought we'd do a bit of hiking and spend some time playing about in the river. It was so beautiful up there and its definitely somewhere we want to go again. 

With all the time playing about in the river we managed to get a curious Macintosh to swim! You see Macintosh doesn't mind splashing about in water but as soon as it touches his tummy he gets really freaked out and usually runs away from the water. He loves going to the beach but will only paddle so far into the water. 

He's a beagle so they aren't designed to love water but I was concerned that he couldn't swim as its something he'd never tried. I just didn't want a situation where he fell into the water and panicked and drowned. I know thats the worst case scenario but thats what I always end up thinking! So with the opportunity for us to play in the river too, we decided to see if Mac could in fact swim.

What we discovered was that with my persuasion/force he could!

He got so confident/desperate to get out of the water that at times he was stretching the extent of his lead! Andrew couldn't walk as fast as Mac was swimming and the water wasn't deep enough for him to be swimming too.

By the end of the day Macintosh had thoroughly proved to us that if he ever fell into a river he would be fine and he had also proved that swimming was not his favourite thing to do. He looked beyond fed up by the end of it. He was even pulling away from the river in the hopes that we wouldn't make him swim again!

Still I'm a happy dog mummy knowing my boy can swim! 


Andrew arrived home from a work trip very very late last night/early this morning. He struggled to sleep a bit due to the jet lag, so was up rather early this morning having had very little sleep. Macintosh was obviously pleased to see him and once he was awake he was hungry. Andrew fed him, did some other bits and bobs until he felt tired again, before crawling back into bed. 

I woke up later than usual, due to the late night, and saw Macintosh was awake. Figuring that he was probably very hungry by this point I shot out of bed and walked through into the lounge. Macintosh started hanging out by his food cupboard and looked positively famished. I quickly threw some food into his bowl and he wolfed it down.

Fast forward until around 11:30am. I had been out and about and come back to find Andrew still asleep. Conscious that he wouldn't be able to sleep if he stayed in bed I woke him up. In his groggy state he mumbled lots of things and enquired whether I had walked Macintosh because he fed him at some unearthly hour this morning. This rung alarm bells because I had fed Macintosh when I woke up because he clearly looked famished! After clarifying with Andrew in his slightly more awake state we have in fact discovered that our food motivated beagle has in fact had two lots of breakfast this morning!

When I confronted him this is what he did....

He just sat there. Totally unbothered. No real show of emotion. He is so deceptive this one! I will have to watch out for him in future.