My parents are simply hilarious. Just take a look at these few pictures of them and I think you'll agree!

I miss them and their taco-eating, selfie taking, crazy posing ways! Come back soon Mummy and Daddy! I love you. x


I've told you before how much of a poser Macintosh is. He loves to make sure he is constantly the centre of your photographic efforts, no matter where you might be or what spectacular things you may be looking at. Well last week on Monday, before the trip to San Francisco, we went to LA to see the sights of Hollywood, Beverley Hills and the Griffith Observatory. The views from the observatory are stunning and there's so much to photograph but Macintosh felt we obviously weren't giving him enough attention as we were too busy staring at the scenes of LA, the Hollywood sign, the observatory itself and the interesting features around this. To correct the lack of attention he climbed onto a statue and waited for his photo opportunity!

I love how he turns his head for the last photo as if to check we are actually taking photos of him. Silly boy!


I need to preface the original post with the note that we were in no way affected by the earthquake. We didn't even feel a thing. 

We have been pretty quiet on the blog this week as from Tuesday through Friday we were living it up in San Francisco. Andrew and I have been once and have seen some of the sights but there's lots to see up there so we were eager to go back with my parents. Although I have to say I wasn't looking forward to going back to the more English feeling temperatures! 

Tuesday we spent driving up and doing some exploring along the Pacific Coast Highway. The views there are stunning and we really enjoyed just staring at the California coastline. When we arrived in San Francisco we were staying just one block from the Golden Gate Park which was beautiful. 

Wednesday revolved around the West side of the city. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge and looked around the Marin Headlands. Then we had lunch at an amazing place called La Boulange. There was some strolling around the park and exploring the streets before heading to Leopolds for dinner. German fare. It tasted good. 

Thursday we went into the main part of the city by bus, WITH MAC! He loved the bus and was most happy sniffing all the people as they got on and off! Most people were ok with him, except maybe the bloke whose shoe he dribbled on. We walked around the piers and Fisherman's Wharf. We saw seals and Alcatraz. We did some shopping in Market Street and wandered around Chinatown and the Financial District. It was a long day but we saw a lot.

Friday we did a little bit more exploring before driving home via my great Uncle Steve's house who lives in between San Francisco and us. (That makes it sound close but its closer to San Francisco than it is us and that's still 2 hours away!) It was great to see family, even if I was a young teenager when he moved out here. 

Now we are exhausted after our grand tour. I still love San Francisco more than LA, although Pasadena and Santa Monica are nice. Here's a few snaps of the trip.


Macintosh is a beagle. Beagles typically do not enjoy water and do not like things such as beaches. However Macintosh defies this beagle norm (as he does many others!). He absolutely loves the beach. This past week we went to Ventura and went to Habor Cove beach. Yes I spelt it the American way, its shocking I know. Whilst on the beach Macintosh had so much fun. He spent a lot of time in the water with his buddy, my Dad. He loved running from the waves as they came crashing in, but then would go straight back out to smell their surf before having to run in from the next wave. It was hilarious to watch! He would then chill out on the beach after his water capers. He seemed to get covered in sand, including in and around his mouth but that didn't appear to bother him. 

Here's a few pictures showing him enjoying life at the beach. 


So there has been a definite absence of Andrew's presence on the blog whilst he has been in Florida. He did have computer access but was apparently not doing anything blog-worthy. Excuses, excuses. However he is now back which means he'll be on the blog a bit more. 

To wrap the post up here is the man himself, modelling his linen anniversary present; a BBQ apron, complete with a pig motif. Very Andrew, I know!


Yesterday we took a trip to the Angeles National Forest to visit the Devil's Punchbowl County Park. I had never been before so it was a new trip for me too. We walked down into the bottom of the punchbowl and then back up the other side. There was a dry creek bed running through the bottom that is full around March time, once the mountain snow has melted. 

It was a breathtakingly beautiful place and we enjoyed the hike, despite the heat. Poor old Macintosh got really hot walking back up after pounding down the punchbowl at rather a fast pace. We needed to stop several times to ensure he wasn't overheating, which was an added bonus as we could ensure we weren't overheating too!

Here are some photos, which unfortunately don't do it justice. Guess you'll just have to come visit to see how good it really is.


My father has a wonderful way of winding Macintosh up. Whilst Macintosh lived with him I'm sure he had equal fun and frustration at the hand of my father who loves to tease him. His favourite thing to do is to stuff one of Macintosh's toys into his collar and watch him go slightly crazy until he manages to get it out. 

It was only a matter of time before my Dad's antics began again in America, this weekend was such a time. My Dad renewed this toy-in-collar tradition and did it to him again; twice! Thankfully I was on hand to...well...capture it! I wasn't very well going to rescue him before I had got some blog worthy material was I?! But I think you'll agree, the photos make it all worth it!

His tactic was to spin round multiple times moving his head to make it swing round on his collar before he would bat at it with his paw. Eventually he could get his teeth into it and then he would pull. He would then sit holding onto his toy for dear life and watching my Dad very warily! Funny dog!

No dogs were harmed in the process of these photographs but one such dog may have been wound up rather too much. Check out the hurt look in his eyes on the bottom photograph! Aww!


Today in America, it is national s'mores day. I personally love s'mores so I decided to celebrate the day with my parents by making some s'mores after dinner. My Dad had never had them so did what he typically does when he is unsure; he googled it. Here are the results. Once the origins of the traditions had been discovered we could begin the process of creating them.

I need to point out two things here by way of explanation; 

1. The marshmallows had to be toasted on the BBQ as we don't have a real fire. They do not taste the same and I am well aware of that fact, but needs must.

2. Our local supermarket had run out of Graham crackers so animal crackers were the replacements. They are far too small for this type of event but I have a limited knowledge as to which 'cookie' tastes the same as a Graham cracker and most were not even close. 

That being said we had a most enjoyable time creating and eating s'mores as these few pictures hopefully show!

It didn't even matter if Mum burnt one because Macintosh sure didn't mind!

Happy National s'mores day everyone!