The past two days have been filled with admin jobs and house hunting with a little bit of exploring thrown in. We have had to explore lots from the car as you really can't walk anywhere! The town looked small on google maps but when you are actually here you realise how spread out everything is. We are slowly getting the hang of the crazy grid system of roads but I'm just grateful that Andrew is driving for now as I'm not sure its that simple.

So far we are totally amazed by the area. Its completely different to what we have ever seen before, well minus the fact its as flat as a pancake. Well that is until you reach the huge mountain range. I really struggle to describe what it looks like so here are a few pictures to show you what its like. There's no building pictures yet as we have just been driving around between the towns and the base. Will show you more when we can!



Finally after months and months of planning and sorting we have arrived in California. It was a pretty long day as all in all we were up for over 24 hours. Getting onto the flight was fun and games in the beginning as our luggage was at its limit and Andrew's hand luggage was slightly too heavy. Apparently we have far too much technology! Once we had got through and said our emotional goodbyes we were able to settle down for a good meal before boarding.

This was our plane. 

We flew with Air New Zealand and to be honest it was the most comfortable and enjoyable flight experience we've ever had. The food was good; the two notable bits of food include chocolate and orange icecream and a scone with jam and clotted cream! The seats were comfortable and we didn't have to climb over anybody to get out. The air crew were great, all with wonderful Kiwi accents! They didn't do the Hakka but did have the craziest uniforms I've ever seen. The highlight being the men's waistcoats which said G'day on them!

Andrew and I both love flying so we really enjoyed the experience, especially looking out over the different countries. We flew with the sun so it gave us some spectacular views. The highlights for me include seeing Greenland, the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and the huge desert we are about to live in! 

Here are some of the photos we took from the air of these insane places.

We have struggled to sleep so far and have a busy day ahead of information gathering and sorting. Guess I better go fill up on American pancakes before we get started! Will update you all as and when we can with what's going. Check out our Instagram feeds for more pictures too. For those of you who don't do Instagram if you look to the right of this post there are some of our Instagram photos there, click on them and you'll be able to see more. 

See you later y'all!



Currently Hannah and I are sitting in Heathrow airport enjoying some fine dining before we fly off to the sunny state of California. We found saying our goodbyes over the last few weeks has been pretty painful. The last two days of saying goodbye to family has probably been the hardest. But then this morning we had to say goodbye to someone who doesn't understand whats going on and has no idea whats in store for him. Yup Macintosh was totally oblivious to all things as he went about his morning routine of chaos, including a few stand offs with the cat! After some snuggles and a walk we were finally ready to say goodbye to a then very sleepy beagle. 

As we piled everything into the car we looked back at the house to see his little face up at the window, tail wagging looking at us. That image will be burned in our mind over the next month as we are separated. But don't worry this isn't the end of Macintosh mondays as Han's parents are looking after him and will provide us with plenty of stories and photos to fill the blog. If you wish to appear of Macintosh monday feel free to pop into the Kebles and get your photo taken with Mac. 

We'll leave you with yet another photo of his adorableness as we go back to living luxuriously in Heathrow (well Cali too!)




Hugo was our faithful car. He had been with us from the very beginning of our married life. We bought him in the June before our wedding after Andrew's preious rust bucket finally gave way. We pitched up to the garage to get him and Andrew had typically forgotten his driving licence so I had to test drive the car, with Andrew, my dad and the garage bod in the car. I was so happy with this arrangement....NOT! Once we finally bought him I had to look after Hugo for the first week. It was blissful being able to drive around wherever and whenever I wanted. 

Hugo has taken us to so many places; moving us to our first home, holidays in the Lake and Peak districts, weddings of friends spread throughout the country, picking up Macintosh for the first time and many more. 

We will miss you Hugo, we intended to have you forever. Enjoy your new owners and get them safely to all destinations please!



It's been hard saying goodbye to Lincoln and to all the friends we have made here over the past three and a half years. We spent 9 days here sorting out all the last minute things, packing and saying goodbye to all our friends. Those days have also been filled with lots of lovely food, dog walks and generally enjoying Lincoln.

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to. 



This Easter weekend was filled with so much emotion as it was Andrew's first time back at TCM church and also our last. There was lots of sadness and far too many goodbyes to be said. We broke that all up by spending Easter Saturday up with my sister and brother-in-law; Becca and Tim. 

They had planned for us to spend the day at Hardcastle Crags which is a National trust property. we had brought Macintosh with us so needed a long walk to tire him out. The place was fantastic. It had woods, streams, waterfalls, enough dogs for Mac to say hello too and a beautiful Mill to wander around at the end. We thoroughly enjoyed the long walk in the sunshine with enough fascinating people watching thrown in. Andrew had so many great photography opportunities and wandered along at a slower pace capturing the beauty of the place.

Here are a few snaps of the place.


Oh and I found a bench with my name. Always a good thing! 

Now we are onto the last few goodbyes in Lincoln before we head home for the family goodbyes. Will be sharing some snaps of the time in Lincoln later in the week. Hope that going back to work hasn't been too horrific after the long bank holiday. At least its raining and not sunny, doesn't tempt you to be outside as much.



Welcome to Bleak House!

On Wednesday and Thursday this week our entire house with all its contents was packed up either into a shipping container bound for America or into storage. We spent the entire time half watching the dog to ensure he didn't escape through either of the open doors and half ensuring the correct items were sent to America. I mean it would be pretty frustrating if we ended up with all our useless storage stuff in California rather than the useful bits!

Here are a couple of photos of the packing process. Note the dog sleeping peacefully through it all without a care in the world!

It was a bit chaotic but when the final truck left on Thursday afternoon we realised just how empty our house is! Andrew and I are living in the house for the next few days, until we march out, so we are essentially camping in the house. We are using the smallest amount of stuff ever, which was all borrowed from my parents. 

Here are a couple of photos of our very bleak house...

Yup it really is that bleak. Thank goodness its only for a while. Oh and yes we are moving to a hot and sunny place. I shouldn't really complain should I?!



Andrew is home!! This weekend we have enjoyed spending time together as a little family before the madness of packing and saying goodbyes begins. With the weather being so good we have been on lots of walks with other family members too. Here are a few snaps to keep you entertained! 

                                                      Someone got a bit muddy!


I used to think packing was easy, but I never packed up a room after living there for five months. With a bit of help from my room neighbour, Pricey, or should I say 'The Squirrel King' my packing was complete! (An in joke at work). Here is what my room looked like with more stuff scattered around.

Pricey was leaving at roughly the same time so we decided to walk the epic hundred metres from the car to the check in desk with a colossal amount of luggage and the true manliness of saying no to a luggage cart. We made it and well on time so celebrated by having a pizza (why not!)

We left an hour apart but he is going via Houston and I'm going via Dallas. I'm going to see if I catch up on him when we both arrive at Heathrow.

Our aircraft ready at Fort Walton

On my flight from Fort Walton to Dallas I sat next to a lady with a cat! An air travel first for me, the cat only made a lil squeak on landing but the rest of the flight was amazingly chilled out. Some Lavendar spray she found in a pet store apparently seems to do the trick!! Might have to seek it out.

Dust arrival at Dallas Fort Worth

Whilst flying I enjoyed reading a book Hannah gave me for valentines day called 'Twenty Thousand Miles in a Flying Boat' by Sir Alan Cobham. A great airtravel book with some funny and thrilling mishaps on route, from one of these, Sir Alan and craft were rescued by a 'plucky lad' from the RAF who risked his life jumping from a rowing boat to the flyingboat in stormy sea when the anchor failed on the plane and it had started to drift. They had started the aircraft engines in an effort to stop being beached but a huge wave rose up threatening to throw the small boat through the currently turning props of the engine, so all the lads jumped free except for one who jumped for the aircraft with a rope. Momentarily it looked like he had missed but he had just managed to grasp a mooring point on the side but was now being pulled under the flying-boat by the surging water. Those on board discovered, after he was pulled aboard, that he was still clinging to the rescue rope, this then led to the rescuing of the aircaft from impending destruction. I was quite proud, especially as the lads name was never mentioned and Sir Alan contiuned on the epic journey.


PS I am home now as many of you might know so this was posted upon my return.  


Now that our move date is less than 20 days away we are busy returning our house to 'factory settings' ready for the march out. Factory settings means all nails come out of the walls, the garden is neat and tidy, the whole house has been cleaned and most importantly all the walls are magnolia. 

When we moved into the house back in 2010 I really got fed up with the magnolia walls everywhere and asked Andrew if he would help me paint a feature wall in both the bedroom and the lounge. He agreed and after much discussion we finally agreed on the colours; a green for the lounge and a duck egg for the bedroom.

This week my Mum has been staying up helping me to repaint and sort the house to return it to this factory state. It was surprisingly quick and we managed to complete it in one day. Here are some photos showing the room back to its original state. 

Next challenge is to get the rest of the house emptied and tidied, but before that I'm off to the rubbish tip to remove some junk! No prizes for guessing whose junk it is! 


A year ago I was adamant that this would never happen but with the posting abroad I just had to make this call.

I wonder how many people are attached to their cars; we talked about it at work the other day, how many of the guys had named their car. Well all my cars have had names but the name of my first car I didnt choose, to be honest I would have called it somthing completely different but the previous owner's name for the little Austin Mini Mayfair 1983 just stuck. This is Primrose, my first car (oh and Macintosh).

I think Primrose was the pattern for every car I owned after it. Primrose was a cool car, slightly lower than the normal mini because the suspension was a bit flat, retro interior with brown carpet everywhere. When people say dashboard, I say shelf. When people say 'just go straight on', I say 'I am going straight on' (the car crabbed alot). When people say 'how much fuel have you got', I say 'havent a clue! We should be able to make it though (yes the Lloyds know that wasn't always true)

You see it was the coolest car in the world never completely works but that doesn't matter, you don't need fancy stuff in you car to have fun:

Heating - no chance - sit on you hands, they will soon warm up.

Radio - no way - listern to the engine, it makes some intresting sounds.

Lights - sometimes - depends if it was raining or not.

Crazy adventures - ALWAYS!!!!

The mini also featured in a not so famous russian mobster heist movie filmed in various locations around Dunstable, various homemade music videos, rally safaris into deepest Shropshire trying to get lost so that Penman and myself could have fun trying to work out where we were. Even if we had no adventures planned whilst driving then Primrose often helped by just breaking down.

If ever a first car became a best friend, it was this one. But as time went on Primrose got older, I lacked time, money and most importantly a garage to fix her. So with the posting to America came the realisation and persuasion from Han that she must go to a warmer, more enclosed home that wasn't a flowerbed.

Farewell Primose, you will be missed.



The more observant amongst you may have noticed that whilst you slept Andrew and I have finally re-done the blog! After much blood, sweat and tears....or rather me shouting at Andrew we have finally come to what we think is a good look for the blog. 

Feel free to drop a comment below to tell us what you think

H & A


This past week has been an emotional one for me as I have finished teaching in the UK...for the meantime. I think Macintosh knew this was a tough week because all week he has been extra snuggly. When he's in a snuggly mood Macintosh typically finds the smallest space he can and curls up in it. He usually props his head up onto something, invariably me! In this mood he is simply adorable and he definitely keeps you warm. 

So here are a few pictures of snuggly Macintosh that I have taken this week to send to Andrew and remind him how fabulous Mac can be but also what he's coming home to! :)