The thing about moving to another continent is that it creates lots of new and exciting opportunities. Recently I've been having a lot of very realistic dreams about what might happen when we finally get to California. Some dreams seem really normal. For example its myself and Andrew learning to surf, or sitting on the beach, or cruising around Hollywood, or even eating steaks the size of our heads. But every so often I have a very surprising dream. Last night was one of those occasions...

I dreamt that I became a pilot!

Let me back track for you. On the base they actually have instructors that can teach you how to fly. I first saw this on their website as they posted pictures of those who had just completed their pilots licence. I remember thinking this was cool and I showed Andrew who then went off day dreaming about the two of us learning to fly. Thats nothing unusual as he always day dreams. Yet last night I found myself dreaming about it. I could vividly picture myself and Macintosh flying around in an old biplane. He had goggles on and his ears were streaming back in the wind whilst we did barrel rolls and loop the loops! We'd bought an airfield (obviously) with lovely old hangars and a country house with a large veranda (duh!). It all seemed so real and true and yet it couldn't be further from reality.

Me piloting a plane? I don't think so! 

Just for reference (as if there isn't a clear enough picture in your head!) Mac would look something like this. 


My name is Macintosh Woodruff. I live in Lincoln at the moment but I'm moving to California very soon. Follow me and my owners on our adventures as we move our home cloud from one continent to another!